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All personal information provided to Kate during the provision of services will be kept strictly private and confidential, except in exceptional circumstances where there is risk of serious harm to you or others, or when a practitioner is compelled by law.


For psychologist services, Kate will keep brief records of sessions to document your meetings. These will include date and time of your appointment and topics covered.


Records of sessions are stored in digital format on a password-protected or encrypted computer hard drive. Kate will only disclose information with other professionals at your request, and with your consent.

For mediation services, all documents are handled as per the customised mediation agreement.


Psychology sessions last for 55 minutes unless otherwise agreed. Longer sessions will be charged on a pro-rata basis. The number of sessions required shall depend on your needs and goals. Sessions shall occur at Kate's office (Suite 17/47 Cherrywood Drive, Tauranga), online or via phone.

Please inquire for mediation packages. Typically, mediation consists of individual pre-mediation counselling and a 2-6 hour joint session.


Private sessions are $175 (individual) and $200 (couple/family). Funding may be available through ACC, WINZ, EAP, Gumboot Friday, or your GP.


Full payment is required prior to or on the day of the appointment. Payment can be made via credit card, bank deposit, or cash.


Should an account remain unpaid after an appointment, future appointments will be postponed until payment is received. In the unlikely event that debt collection services are required, the cost of these services will be added to the amount owed.

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